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CLORALEN® Aroma Bleach – Refreshing Aromas, Excellent Whitening Performance

Whether it’s laundry, bathtubs, kitchen counters* or baseboards, you need a cleaning product that will make your home sparkle.

With three great aromas, Floral Fantasy, Citrus Fresh and Lavender, you can experience the same incredible benefits of bleach while being surrounded by pleasant scents.

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3-in-1 Power Bleach with Chlorine Cleans, Whitens and Deodorizes

CLORALEN® 3-in-1 Power Bleach is a powerful, high quality bleach with chlorine that offers stain and odor fighting power strong enough to clean your entire home and delicate enough to maintain and extend the life of your clothing**.

CLORALEN® 3-in-1 Power Bleach offers stain, dirt and odor fighting power that can be used throughout your entire home – from laundry needs to kitchen and bathroom duty.

In the Laundry Room– Whitens, prevents graying and removes stubborn stains, such as food messes, red wine, sauces, coffee, grass stains and dirt. Deodorizes unpleasant scents with a fresh and pleasant floral, citrus and lavender aroma**.

In the Kitchen– Cleans and deodorizes non-metallic counter tops, kitchen sinks and non-porous food contact surfaces. Removes ingrained stains that ordinary dish detergent won't. Eliminates bad odors in sinks, sponges, dishtowels, PVC drain pipes and trashcans*.

In the Bathroom– Removes stains. Deodorizes unpleasant aromas all around your bathroom*.

*Follow use recommendation on product label.
**For best results, follow product label instructions.

Keep Your Colors Bright

Use CLORALEN® Color with Vinegar for a color-safe clean.

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About Us

CLORALEN® bleach household cleaning and fabric care products are developed to deep clean and deodorize multiple areas of your home as well as safely remove stains from color clothing and whiten laundry. With fresh scents and cost-efficient products, CLORALEN® will help you care for your family with a clean home.

For more than 60 years, AlEn has been providing cleaning products that are good for you, your home and your family, generation after generation.